About Us

We with infrastructure automation help companies to participate in the new trend towards more interdisciplinary and cooperative environments.

With about 20 years of consulting experience in Open Source and Linux Infrastructure Luis Vinay and Diego Woitasen founded flugel.it


Our goal is to apply our expertise to help all sorts of companies enter into the DevOps culture and participate in the new trends towards more interdisciplinary and cooperative environments.

Flugel It

Who We Are

We are Solution Architects. What we provide to our clients is the value of our significant experience in IT, working on different areas, different companies, different environments.

We love challenges and we love to help our clients. IT Infrastructure is our focus, but we get involved with our clients beyond that. We strongly believe in the DevOps Culture, we came from the Ops side, but we crossed the barrier to the Dev side to support our clients and to deliver value.


IT Infrastructure
Has Changed

Our experience in the IT world is on the infrastructure side. We’ve been consulting professionals as system administrators (or sysadmins), and we think that our profession has definitely changed. It’s not possible to manage the infrastructure in the same way we did in the past. The new demands and the new dynamics of the business world, the ever-increasing volume of users and data are impossible to administer in the traditional way.

The new sysadmin role require a new set of skills, and to fill have become what we like to call: Infrastructure Developers.

We know what works and what doesn’t and we also know how quick and how big the impact in your organization can be.



Our Experience

We’ve faced all kinds of challenges, and this experience has resulted in the creation of flugel.it, to focus on DevOps
Engineering and Automation.

We’ve made everything you can think of using all kinds of tools, in all kinds of environments, and facing many different types of challenges. As a result of this successfully crossed path, we now have a level of maturity that helps us understand how we can assist in our clients projects in the most efficient way, helping and enabling them to set up, manage and keep their infrastructure running.

Why Choose Us?

We are experts in working with the community, the documentation (or lack thereof), the source, the lack of any information or previous experience on a new combination that you need to fit your expectations.


Global Reach

As the company grew, the team grew as well. We are building a team with different skills, distributed around the world. We have members with experience in System Administration, Infrastructure Architects, Applications Architects among others.

Our core team is US Nearshore, is based in South America for time zone compatibility. We have team members in other American, Asian and European time zones as well.

Managed Services


Our Core Team

Luis Vinay
co-Founder & CEO

Helping companies with DevOps, Kubernetes and Continuous Delivery.

Diego Woitasen
co-Founder & CEO

Cloud, Kubernetes, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Mario Vasquez

PMP | CSM | Solutions Architect | DEVOPS



Your clients, investors and business partners will notice the difference, from now on, you can progress with confidence.

Prepare Your Infrastructure for the Challenges Ahead