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Repeatable and Scalable Processes

The ways to get predictable

DevOps is not automation, but you can’t do DevOps if you do not define the automated processes.

Infrastructure can’t be managed manually like years ago, you need to build repeatable and scalable processes.

You never know when you need to add more servers, or when you to build a new one because you have more load or because QA needs a new environment for testing, just to mention some examples.

A repeatable process gives you predictability. If you know that you can always build your environment from scratch, you’ll be ready for any unexpected event.

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Continuous Delivery

Deploy at any time

In the same way automation is key for DevOps, Continuous Delivery must be one of the core process in your organization. When you implement it, you’ll be able to deploy your application at any time, without human intervention.

For every change required, there must be an automated process that delivers your application, and your infrastructure.

At, we deliver Infrastructure as Code, not just infrastructure. If we deploy or not, it doesn’t matter.

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