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Tutorial: Utilizing VectorDotDev To Expose Log-Metrics To Prometheus

In this age of fast-growing advancement in cloud implementations, there is a great need to manage logs effectively. In some cases, you have to study the metrics and know what the system is about; it helps in understanding your system to take decisions, post-mortem analysis and several other interesting functions. In this piece, we would…

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Introducing Observability & Monitoring Into Your System

Your system, application, and/or your infrastructure are going to have problems. Once you have your infrastructure under control, you will want to understand what’s happening in the system through Observability. The goal is to prevent as many issues as possible, but the reality is that problems are unavoidable. What’s most important is detecting problems before…

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How to setup Fluentd to retrieve logs, send them to GCP Pub/Sub to finally push them to ElasticSearch

FluentD First of all, let’s talk about FluentD, which is an open source data collector for unified logging layers. It allows you to unify data collection and consumption for a better use and understanding of data. In general, it has a large 500+ plugin system that allows the community to extend its functionality. It is…