Compliance and Infrastructure Delivery

  • January 11, 2018

As a nearshore team, we work with clients from outside the US which have some data access restrictions. One of our clients is a US based Software Development agency that hired us for IT operations. This company develops products for health insurance companies that add some clauses to the contracts which don’t allow the management of data from outside the states. This is is not a problem when you are working with automation. In the same way you deliver an application, you can deliver Infrastructure Code.

Everything we do related to infrastructure is automated. So, 90% of our work is in the development of the Infrastructure Code, not in the deployment by itself. We can build automated processes to set up services and applications, and with some documentation you can provision in a few steps.

You can use a mix of tools. Configuration management tools like Chef, Ansible or SaltStack allow you to provision instances in the cloud. But you can go ever deeper using CloudFormation or Terraform to code the layout of your cloud infrastructure. This includes instances, volumes, load balancers, databases as a service and more. The approach is to bootstrap your infrastructure from scratch and to be able to maintain it with automated processes.