Welcome to Flugel Insights

At Flugel.it, we believe in constant growth, not only as a company, but more importantly, as professionals. Along that line, learning about how other companies and industries manage their DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure is enriching for us.
We developed Flugel Insights as a way to network with other companies and industries, learn about their technology journeys and and share with them our insights and experiences in a mutually enriching and reciprocal conversation.

Through Flugel Insights, we provide complimentary consulting sessions with our team of experienced engineers and leadership team, for those companies who apply and are accepted.


How does it work?

The subject to be discussed is selected by you.

We’ll make a diagnosis; depending on the issue, we do the diagnosis live or after the meeting.

In the following days after the Flugel Insights meeting, you’ll receive a deliverable.


Completely free of charge.


Examples of Deliverables

Depending on the discussion held during the Flugel Insights meeting, you’ll receive:

Our experts’ insights, in writing.

A written report / conclusions.

Recommended action items / next steps.

As with any business-related meeting, we’re more than willing to sign a mutual NDA if you would like.
If this sounds like something that might be of interest to you, please complete this short form:

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