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  • April 9, 2021

The demand for cloud computing and consulting services skyrocketed because of the COVID-19. Corporations and organizations are forced to work remotely due to the health threats, therefore, accelerating the already growing cloud market. When you look at it, the cloud plays a crucial role in helping businesses stay operational and navigate through the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. is a US / UE nearshore DevOps distributed company with a strong presence in LATAM, but also Europe and ASIA to cover all timezones, that also specializes in cloud computing and consulting services. Our current mission is to help companies acclimate to the global pandemic and prosper in the digital space. Founded in 2014, some may underestimate us since we’re still considered as a young firm, but never downplay our company because we ºhave years worth of priceless experience under our belt.

Just recently, we have received our first review on Clutch, the go-to business-to-business review platform. The CTO of Wimo, a shipping software company, was interviewed by a Clutch analyst over the phone. Our first review features a cloud consulting project that ran from January 2019 to December 2020.

Our team went above and beyond for this project and our client truly appreciated our efforts. When asked about the most impressive part about working with us, the client responded:

“Their knowledge and level of expertise. They have a broad set of expertise among the team, and you will always get answers to your questions. They are always up to date as well, and I would highly recommend them.” — CTO, Wimo

It’s a privilege working with Wimo. We are thankful for their valuable confidence in us.

Moving forward, we are stoked to start gaining traction on Clutch. Our team is excited to see what opportunities it will bring to us.

The Manifest

Aside from cloud computing and consulting services, another service that has further grown in demand was general IT services. Our company can also be found on the 2021 directory on the Manifest, Clutch’s sister website. According to their recently updated list of the 30 leading IT service companies in Argentina, ranks eleventh.

The Manifest is a business news platform that is widely respected in the B2B space just like Clutch. The site is dedicated to helping innovators and solution providers through insightful content. 

As service providers ourselves, we are always looking for ways to make an impact on your business. Our client’s lovely review and The Manifest’s recognition assure us that we’re heading on the right path.

Looking for ways to work more effectively on the cloud? Searching for an all-around IT company? We’re here to help! Contact us and let’s explore how we can make an impact.


Written by: Diego Woitasen