Our experience working during the COVID19 pandemic

  • June 16, 2020

Flugel.it was born as – and continues to be – a company that works 100% remotely, distributed in over a dozen geographical locations. Our team members and our clients are separated by thousands of kilometers; this makes working remotely an integral part of our organization.


From the beginning, we have relied on agile work methodologies, which value communication and are essential when articulating the efforts of our teams with clients. That’s why today, communication and coordination are not an issue: over the life of the company we have applied, tested, and re-evaluated our methodologies many times until we found what worked for us.

After so much time working remotely, we were able to identify and generate our own set of processes that compensate for the lack of face-to-face contact and adjust to our unique way of doing things.

In Flugel.it’s particular case, since we can’t just “pop in” to a colleague’s office, the tools we use help us stay in communication with one another.. Some of those technologies include Zoom, Slack, Jira, Confluence, Google Docs, and Calendly, among others. Since most of the tools were designed to be used specifically for collaborative, distributed work, they fit our way of working remotely very well.

The selection of each of these tools was the result of trial and error, time, and experience. As one example, Slack was not our first choice of collaboration tool, but rather the third. Our entire team now uses it on a daily basis to communicate with and stay closely connected to clients and each other.

This pandemic hasn’t caused any disruption to our work, workflows or capacity to continue serving our clients. We’ve been working as a distributed company for many years, something we recognize that many companies are just now learning how to do. Keep in mind it’s a process – one that requires an honest look at your company and its needs. Along with a little patience.