Inclusiva, leading the way to trans equality at workplace

  • March 30, 2021

On March 31, the International Transgender Day of Visibility, we’re proud to announce the launch of Inclusiva, a leading organization in recognizing the huge, untapped potential of the transgender community around the world to excel in the tech space.

As a joint project between Flugel.ITa company with extensive experience in providing DevOps and Cloud technology service for B2B Startups; and Trans-TI, a transgender community organization; Inclusiva is a technology solutions provider for companies who are leading investment in diversity and inclusion by enhancing the value of the transgender community brings to the business world.

The transgender community are still marginalized as more countries in the globe passed same-sex marriage. Transgender people are constantly under attack for being who they are. In Argentina, 90% of trans individuals are rejected for formal jobs because of being trans; only 4% of trans people can access help from the government. A call for international solidarity and support for the global south is needed yesterday.

Inclusiva was created to be part of the solution: we train trans people to be ready for the jobs they are applying for, and we encourage US-based companies to invest in the community by hiring IT services provided by qualified trans workers. As a business, Inclusiva provides 24×7 monitoring; L1 support; Incident lifecycle management and QA testing automation among other services by mobilizing the trans community while maintaining the quality standards the founding companies are known for.

The professional and personal development of our team members is paramount for us; even before they are formally part of the company. We provide career plans designed to align company and personal goals that maximize engagement; this way we can raise the quality bar of everything we do. Read more about this.

Even before the founding of InclusivaTrans-TI had already organized open and free courses so that anyone in the community could take their first steps in IT,  in a safe place and where their gender identity is not a topic of conversation.

In this new stage of Inclusiva’s maturity, now with more resources, Inclusiva plans to increase the variety  and complexity of topics offered.

Inclusiva’s future couldn’t be brighter: we’re already working on new services with more added value and technical complexity, so we can achieve our goals as a company while we keep our commitment to the Transgender community.


Written by: Luis Vinay