OpenStack: Dell Equallogic controlled by Cinder

Posted on 24 Aug 2016, By Diego Woitasen under OpenStack

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Last week a client arrived with new hardware. A Dell Equallogic PS6210XS storage that should be integrated to OpenStack. It was the first time with this model but it worked in the first shoot. In the [DEFAULT] section of cinder.conf we added:

volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.eqlx.DellEQLSanISCSIDriver
san_ip =
san_login: grpadmin
san_password: grpadmin
eqlx_group_name: groupname1
eqlx_pool: poolname1

Cinder was restarted and that’s all. It was ready to manage volumes in the storage. In the Nova configuration nothing is required, ISCSI support is already built-in in Nova compute and it works out of the box. You are able to attach volumes to instances without doing anything special.

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