Outsourcing DevOps?

  • March 28, 2018

Of course not. You can’t outsource DevOps. Am I against my own business? (We do DevOps consulting/outsourcing). No, I’m not. I mean that DevOps is a cultural change. You can request help to improve processes, to set up Continuous Delivery and automation, or to implement new technologies like containers. But if you want to take the DevOps way, the change should be done internally in your company. We can’t help you to break the silos if there is no internal collaboration to do it.

We use the DevOps label for marketing purposes, but our expertise is more about implementing process and tools. We can assist to improve some cultural behaviors, but there is no magic solution we can sell you to do it. This is only possible with the last two Ps in the core of DevOps: Process and Tools. The first, and the most important, People, require more than external help. We should probably add a team of psychologist to our company.

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