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Vulnerability Analysis vs Pentest: What is Necessary for My Organization?

In modern cybersecurity, vulnerability analysis and penetration testing are two of the most common preventative measures enterprises take to keep their data and digital assets a step ahead of potential threats. Both processes involve examining systems, websites, web apps, mobile apps, wireless networks, internal networks, external networks, and even the entire IT ecosystem of a…

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Level up your IT hiring capabilities with pre-employment assessments

In today’s extremely competitive tech industry, outdated recruitment methods don’t always get the best results. Candidates that write the best cover letters don’t always write the best code. Candidates that struggle under the pressure of an in-person or Zoom interview might be cool, calm, and collected when troubleshooting complex networking issues. Education isn’t the measuring…

Highlighted - Security & Compliance

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Should pentest exercises be performed? Why? How often? When it comes to cybersecurity, nobody is immune to the risks. Penetration testing is a cybersecurity technique that mimics a cyber attack to identify and exploit vulnerabilities throughout an organization’s on-premise and/or cloud systems. Some of the most important penetration testing methodologies and standards include OWASP, MASVS…

Highlighted - Security & Compliance

Should pentest exercises be performed? Why? How often?

When it comes to cybersecurity, nobody is immune to the risks. Organizations of all sizes, from major international corporations like Sony and eBay to small, independently-owned local businesses, need to be vigilant about emerging threats. A common refrain throughout the industry is that there are only three types of companies: those that have been hacked,…

Highlighted - Security & Compliance

Flugel Partners with Vanta to improve Security and Compliance Monitoring Capabilities

Late last month, California-based managed IT provider Flugel entered into a new service partnership with Vanta, a specialized tool that automates the security monitoring of compliance standards like SOC 2, HIPPA, and ISO 27001, among others. Initiated as part of the company’s long-standing commitment to Security & Compliance, this strategic partnership will ensure that Flugel’s…