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OpenStack: Dell Equallogic controlled by Cinder

Last week a client arrived with new hardware. A Dell Equallogic PS6210XS storage that should be integrated to OpenStack. It was the first time with this model but it worked in the first shoot. In the [DEFAULT] section of cinder.conf we added: [codesyntax lang=”ini”] volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.eqlx.DellEQLSanISCSIDriver san_ip = san_login: grpadmin san_password: grpadmin eqlx_group_name: groupname1 eqlx_pool: poolname1 [/codesyntax] Cinder was restarted…

DevOps - Infrastructure as Code

To use or not to use… Cloud Services

Introduction Recently we’ve been asked to help to decide whether a client should move all their deployment cycle to a cloud provider, or keep some parts In-house, specially Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tasks. This gives me the opportunity to think about a broader matter rather than a particular case. Nowadays it is really…

DevOps - Infrastructure as Code

SaltStack and Terraform: Installing Minions in ec2 instances

Terraform is a great orchestration tool and SaltStack is great configuration management software. The first one allows you to create resources in the cloud (instances, load balancer, databases, etc) and the second is used to provision the instances. Salt works in a master-agent mode, the agents are called minions. To provision an instance you have…

DevOps - Infrastructure as Code

Centos7, Rackspace and kswap0

I’ve just started to test an application from one my clients in CentOS 7. A Python app that runs on Python 2.7 that is the default version in the latest version of CentOS/RHEL. As usual, all the cloud providers don’t configure the swap space by default, so I have to configure Chef to create it…

Infrastructure as Code

Chef: How to regenerate the validation key

Today I’ve lost the Chef validation key of one the servers that we have around. I haven’t found how to recover it in a quick Google search, so… good reason to write this short post. The validation “thing”, is a client (not an user) in Chef which has permission to register new Chef clients to…