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Perfect but Useless & Useful but Rubbish

Let’s be honest, the perfect implementation of a stupid idea does not change the fact that it is still a stupid idea. So, if we can avoid spending time on that kind of idea, we will be saving time, money and effort. The problem is that sometimes it is not so easy to distinguish a…

DevOps - Infrastructure as Code

No plan resists first contact with reality

No plan resists first contact with reality Unless you’re repeating a well-established process, you can only plan ahead so much . And even if you are very careful and thorough, the universe, Fate, Karma, or whatever personal beliefs you hold to will eventually render your beautiful plan obsolete and unrealistic. When you face a new…

DevOps - Infrastructure as Code - Productivity

November All hands meeting: Jenkins guidelines

Last week we had our “All hands meeting”, consisting of a video call with all the team members. We use these meetings to report what’s going on here at flugel, to share knowledge, and to define some general guidelines. In this case, it was time to review how we deploy pipelines based on Jenkins. The…

Availability & Scalability - DevOps - Infrastructure as Code

Failover is dead

When doing a quick Google search of the keywords “failover meaning”, you will find this definition: “a procedure by which a system automatically transfers control to a duplicate system when it detects a fault or failure.” The definition is perfect, but the concept is broken. Failover is broken. It was ostensibly a good idea years…

Automation - Linux

Preseed notes: autopartition with LVM

Working with preseed can be so so frustrating, but once you start to get the hang of it starts to make sense. Here are some notes, and more important some examples for you to use, feel free to comment. For this example keep in mind this: Disk device here is “/dev/vda” We’re going to set…