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Outsourcing DevOps?

Of course not. You can’t outsource DevOps. Am I against my own business? (We do DevOps consulting/outsourcing). No, I’m not. I mean that DevOps is a cultural change. You can request help to improve processes, to set up Continuous Delivery and automation, or to implement new technologies like containers. But if you want to take…

Automation - Infrastructure as Code - Terraform

Moving to Terraform

Recently a development company approached us to help them with a Site running on AWS WebServices. This site in particular, is on a very popular CMS, using a LAMP stack together with RDS and ElasticCache, traffic varies quite a lot, specially when transmitting live events. Challenge and First Steps Our first challenge was to move…

CI/CD - Infrastructure as Code - Security & Compliance

Compliance and Infrastructure Delivery

As a nearshore team, we work with clients from outside the US which have some data access restrictions. One of our clients is a US based Software Development agency that hired us for IT operations. This company develops products for health insurance companies that add some clauses to the contracts which don’t allow the management…

Infrastructure as Code

Perfect but Useless & Useful but Rubbish

Let’s be honest, the perfect implementation of a stupid idea does not change the fact that it is still a stupid idea. So, if we can avoid spending time on that kind of idea, we will be saving time, money and effort. The problem is that sometimes it is not so easy to distinguish a…

DevOps - Infrastructure as Code

No plan resists first contact with reality

No plan resists first contact with reality Unless you’re repeating a well-established process, you can only plan ahead so much . And even if you are very careful and thorough, the universe, Fate, Karma, or whatever personal beliefs you hold to will eventually render your beautiful plan obsolete and unrealistic. When you face a new…