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Cost Optimization

The 5 Most Important Things About Cost Optimization

For organizations using the cloud, cost optimization is a key priority. The cloud offers endless opportunities for lower costs and unlimited scalability. To take advantage of these benefits, it is critical to understand and control your spending in the cloud. Cost optimization is the process that allows you to do this.  Optimizing is not the…


Tutorial: Utilizing VectorDotDev To Expose Log-Metrics To Prometheus

In this age of fast-growing advancement in cloud implementations, there is a great need to manage logs effectively. In some cases, you have to study the metrics and know what the system is about; it helps in understanding your system to take decisions, post-mortem analysis and several other interesting functions. In this piece, we would…

Automation - Docker

Top 10 Best Practices For Docker

Containers are the industry standard. They are a unit of software that packages up an application’s code and all its dependencies for it to run reliably from one environment to another. More specifically, a Docker container image is used as a stand-alone, lightweight software package with everything needed to run your application.  Organizations from banking…

Security & Compliance

Tutorial: How to provide secure access with Hashicorp Boundary

In provisioning infrastructure for any environment, there is a need for users to securely access dynamic hosts and services – this is where the hashicorp boundary takes a great task up. Hashicorp is an open-source solution and has had several things that have made it evolve in the past years and boundary has to be…

CI/CD - DevOps - Productivity

5 Test Steps Every CI/CD Pipeline Must Have

One way to build applications and consistently deliver high-quality software updates and changes to your users is to implement a CI/CD pipeline. CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Continuous Integration (CI) implements small changes and frequently checks in code version control repositories by pushing development teams through a coding philosophy and set of…