Flugel Partners with Vanta to improve Security and Compliance Monitoring Capabilities

  • October 13, 2022

Late last month, California-based managed IT provider Flugel entered into a new service partnership with Vanta, a specialized tool that automates the security monitoring of compliance standards like SOC 2, HIPPA, and ISO 27001, among others.

Initiated as part of the company’s long-standing commitment to Security & Compliance, this strategic partnership will ensure that Flugel’s clients enjoy access to the speedy enterprise risk assessment solutions required to operate online in 2022.

“Vanta provides the fastest path to security compliance certification but the advantage goes beyond speed,” said Flugel VP of Security & Compliance Francisco Cruz. “With Vanta, we can continuously monitor client systems to ensure proper security configuration, access, and controls are set.”

Proving security has never been more important, as the majority of tech buyers and users have transitioned from ‘trust then verify’ to ‘verify then trust’ when evaluating software and IT. For Flugel, this ability to go beyond the point-in-time compliance audit is essential for maintaining the trust that they have established with their existing partners and for building relationships with new prospects and leads.

“As an organization, we’ve always been focused on providing peace of mind through security compliance,” Diego Woitasen said, “the difference is that now we verify compliance with a significant reduction in time and effort. The benefits (and savings) that result from this are then passed on to our clients.”

In addition to a shared prioritization of security compliance, Flugel and Vanta share a passion for leveraging innovative, disruptive technology. Both companies have positioned themselves to be on the right side of industry developments for years to come – this partnership further solidifies that.


About Vanta

Vanta is an automated tool that enables companies to quickly and confidently meet security standards like SOC 2, HIPPA, and ISO 27001, then prove compliance to potential users, vendors, and regulators. With thousands of international partners, Vanta is among the quickest and most trusted automated enterprise risk assessment solutions available. You can learn more about their innovative technology here.


About Flugel

Flugel is an IT service provider specializing in a wide range of cloud infrastructure and software development services. From 24/7 cloud monitoring solutions to industry-leading DevOps, Flugel’s highly trained team has the training, certification, and skills to deliver top-flight results that combine top-flight performance with regulatory compliance and peace of mind. Learn more about their trusted solutions here.


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