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We are experts on building automated and orchestrated deployments in the cloud, customizable to your particular business needs


Managed Services

Either you are looking for a complete Infrastructure team or complement yours, we got you covered!

Our great Team can take the burden of the daily operations completely off your back so you can concentrate in your business.

We can manage infrastructure that runs in cloud environments or in the metal, we can help you maintain both microservices-based application and other legacy applications you might have.

With a complete team of Architects, Project Managers and Engineers we will get your company’s infrastructure and processes to the next level.

We can complement you current team or provide you with a complete one. We are great at integrating with other teams, we’re flexible, communicative and open.

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Consulting | One-off Projects

Need a helping hand on a single project?, Look no further!

With almost 20 years of experience in the IT Business we know how to get things done.

With Agile working methodologies, DevOps philosophy, Automation and great Communication we can succeed on any project.

We’re experts in all the current technologies, things like Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD have been part of our everyday work for years.

Also, since we been around this long we also know most legacy technologies you might have to maintain.

We can help you to plan for you new microservice-based applications or migrate your legacy ones.DevOps Augmentation

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Research & Delivery

DevOps Augmentation

Need more staff for your team?, Let us help you find the right person.

As a consulting and managed services company we are always looking for talented people with that “spark” that differentiate them from the rest of the crowd, so over the years we developed what we like to call The Flugel’s Selection Process, that puts the eye on people’s potential to become a great DevOps Engineer.

We can provide you with the right DevOps Engineers for you and you company both Managed and non-Managed.

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Prepare Your Infrastructure for the Challenges Ahead

Your clients, investors and business partners will notice the difference, from now on, you can progress with confidence.

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