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Making you move faster, smarter, better

We are experts on building automated and orchestrated deployments in the cloud, customizable to your particular business needs


Managed Services

We have years of experience managing infrastructure using DevOps methodologies: cloud, automation, Ci/CD and Agile. Our team is ready to be integrated in your organization to run your products for you.

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With almost 20 years with experience on the IT Business we know what works and what doesn’t.
Agile working methodologies, DevOps philosophy, Automation and Communication are the corner stones to achieve success!.

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Research & Delivery

DevOps Augmentation

As a consulting company we are always looking for talented people with that “spark” that differentiate them from the rest, so over the years we developed The Flugel’s Selection Process that puts the eye on people’s potential to became a great DevOps Engineer.
We can provide you with the right DevOps Engineers for you and you company both Managed and non-Managed.

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Prepare Your Infrastructure for the Challenges Ahead

Your clients, investors and business partners will notice the difference, from now on, you can progress with confidence.

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