Our Services
Cloud & DevOps Services
Cloud infrastructure management services and DevOps methodologies are ideal for Startups and Scaleups. Our multi-disciplinary team provides guidance and management expertise in several areas.
Managed Cloud
Cloud Governance
Cloud Architecture
Cloud Engineering
Cloud Migrations
DevOps staffing
DevOps consulting
Automating software development lifecycles
Cloud Automation.
Create and/or customize CI/CD pipelines
Cost optimization.
Automate the infrastructure as a code deployment
Collaborate with engineering teams to find the best options
for implementing and deploying IT Solutions on the cloud.
Follow Security & Compliance guidelines and best practices.
Qualified engineers are trained internally on working methodology, tooling, and other technologies before being exposed to a client’s infrastructure. Delivery teams look beyond objectives and work to understand business goals. Each engineer is backed by Subject Matter Experts in different technologies, security, and compliance. The structure we provide guarantees timely results. It ensures best practices are followed when tackling Cloud Infrastructure management and DevOps in the six challenge areas — Security and Compliance, Cloud Automation, Costs optimization, Productivity (CI/CD), Availability, Scalability, and Observability.
There is no need to waste time and money building internal teams. Our managed devops services will help you decrease your time to market.
Cloud Infrastructure Projects
Flugel.it manages and develops cloud infrastructure projects defined by the client. One or more engineers work with our clients to introduce processes, tools, and methods to meet the client’s needs throughout a software development cycle. Projects take many forms and could include services ranging from coding and deployment to maintenance and updates. Tasks are assigned to team members based on the scope of the project and the availability of resources.
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Cloud Security & Compliance
Flugel.it protects clients’ infrastructure, data, people, and customers. Our company works with existing management and tech teams as the top security expert handling each client’s cybersecurity program. Flugel.it leverages their technical background to decide and plan the client’s security and compliance strategies which include:
Virtual CISO
Penetration Testing
Security and compliance strategic consulting and
Periodic Alerting regarding new security threats specific
to your environment/deployment.
Security assessment and reports from a broad
range of angles.
Emergency Alert for outstanding Security Issues with
massive impact.
Compliance assessments to align your organization with
different certifications and industry standards such as ITIL,
DevSecOps Architecture implementation and pipeline
Assist during audit processes, helping your organization
to improve your posture.
Advice on security alternatives during the architecture
design phase
Help clients to minimize the exposure surface.
A vCISO ensures there is not a lack of security and compliance, which presents several potential issues. A lack of security and compliance can be a potential deal-breaker, especially when selling to large enterprises. Sales and on-boarding processes are often slowed when compliance standards don’t align with client expectations. There is also the risk of reputational damage when security and compliance functions are not put in place.
When you engage a Flugel.it vCISO, you are working with a qualified compliance specialist backed by Subject Matter Experts in various technologies, standard and industry-specific regulations.
Their extensive cybersecurity experience will help you implement compliance to enhance consistency, establish customers and increase customer loyalty. vCISOs are your trusted advisor who can enable the business managers to focus on the client’s business while having specialists take care of the security and compliance exposure of the company.
Software Development Services
Looking for high-quality software development you can trust? Our world-class engineers leverage scalable architectures to create custom solutions that are fully aligned with your business vision and goals.
Outsourced Software Development
API Development and Integration
Microservices Development
Monolith to Microservices Migration
Quality Assurance
Automated Integration Tests
Cloud Native Solutions
Development + Infrastructure
Scalable Architectures

Specialized Remote Teams:

Product Managers

Software Architect

Senior Developers


With expert-level experience in Python (FastAPI, Flask, Django, Strawberry) and Javascript (Node, Javascript, React.js, Vue.Js) and a deep portfolio of successful projects, our software development team knows what it takes to bring your unique vision to life. Combining development, infrastructure, and design under one roof, we collaborate closely with clients to ensure that you get the exact solution that you require. Our extensive skills in cloud infrastructure make us a great fit for cloud native app development while our experience with microservices is helpful for design/development, custom integrations, and monolith-to-microservices migrations.
You deserve more from your development partners than lines of code. When you collaborate with Flugel, you’re not just investing in excellent software – you’re investing in the people, processes, and environment that make that excellence happen.
Discover how custom, scalable software development from industry-leading innovators can bring long-term growth and profitability to your business.
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All the solutions we create, are based on Open Source
, and designed to run in most major cloud providers.
Prepare Your Infrastructure for the Challenges Ahead.