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How to Retain Employees (and Avoid Attrition) in a Remote Work Environment

If you’re a business owner or HR manager, you probably already recognize the importance of employee retention. On average, employee turnover costs businesses roughly 33% of the lost employee’s salary. That means that a $60,000 per year employee could cost you $20,000 in recruitment and onboarding on top of the $60,000 salary of his or…

Human Resources

How SaaS Startups Can Build Impactful Teams

For businesses looking to accelerate digital transformation, deploying software as a service (SaaS) applications is fast, cost-effective, and efficient. According to a Gartner forecast, global enterprises will spend around 172 billion USD on SaaS applications in 2022. The outcome is an explosion of new SaaS startups working hard to fulfill the need for high-quality products….

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How to Find, Attract, and Retain In-Demand, High-Potential IT Talent?

The rapid digital transformation of businesses has created an unprecedented demand for technology workers. Even before the pandemic, companies were already in a global war to attract and retain talented IT employees. In the post-pandemic world, accelerated digital adoption has increased the demand for highly skilled IT professionals. Furthermore, the Great Reshuffle or workers leaving…