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Level up your IT hiring capabilities with pre-employment assessments

In today’s extremely competitive tech industry, outdated recruitment methods don’t always get the best results. Candidates that write the best cover letters don’t always write the best code. Candidates that struggle under the pressure of an in-person or Zoom interview might be cool, calm, and collected when troubleshooting complex networking issues. Education isn’t the measuring…

Human Resources

HR Technology Trends to Incorporate for 2022

The unprecedented global rise of remote and hybrid work has changed the way that organizations recruit, train, and manage their teams. Powered by video conferencing platforms and other collaborative tools, it’s now possible for workplaces to be spread across multiple locations and time zones without missing a beat. This isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In…

Human Resources

Avoiding Employee Attrition in a Remote IT Work Environment

Over the past few years, remote work has completely changed the way businesses are run, and one of the biggest sectors impacted has been IT. Pre-COVID, remote IT work was primarily the domain of outsourced (or offshore) teams providing contract work or virtual tech support. Today, close to 50% of recently surveyed tech workers are…