Years of Experience Helping Fintechs Achieve their Business Goals
Fintechs are going through very industry-specific challenges, often much more than other industries. Teamwork between development and infrastructure teams is vital to overcome these challenges and succeed in the business.
We are the One-stop shop for all your IT needs. is a USA based company that provides cloud-infrastructure services with vast background on the B2B SAAS Startups & Scaleups market. Our engineers implement the best cloud strategies and technologies available to help you deliver more reliable software and services to your customers. Trust us to carry out your most ambitious cloud infrastructure projects. We have a team with extensive experience and great technical background ready for action.
Tecso is an Argentina based company with a strong focus on providing consulting and software development services for Fintechs, Banks and Financial Institutions at large. For over 18 years, we have successfully tackled projects of diverse nature within the industry. Whether you have a brand new idea, an already solid business plan ready to be implemented or just need to improve on your current solution, we can help you. Leave all technological aspects to us and just focus on growing your business.
These are the kind of challenges we help with
Security & Compliance
Are regulations and security standards giving you a hard time?
Do you have a proper assessment of what the security flaws are of your company?
Do you have compliance in place to onboard new customers smoothly?
Availability & Scalability
Is your business ready for exponential growth?
Can you guarantee business continuity?
Can you respond to any incidents?
Architecture (vCTO)
Need a CTO but can’t afford it?
Looking for a bridge between business and IT?
Struggling to define your technological roadmap?
Business Background/Know How
Is your business goal too broad to tackle by yourself?
Need help keeping up with technological trends in the industry?
Can’t find a team that knows how to move in the finance world?
Time to market
Head to head with the competition?
Afraid your cutting edge solution might be obsolete by the time it rolls out?
Do you need help building your MVP and beyond?
Team building
Struggling to find the right people to execute your vision?
Tired of managing multiple vendors with totally different priorities?
Do you have a team but lack some specific profiles?
With our service stack we relieve the burden of day-to-day IT challenges,
so you can focus on expanding your business.
Digital Onboarding
Managed DevOps Team
Software Development
24×7 Cloud Monitoring
and Support
Scoring Solutions
Virtual CISO
Business analysis
Fractional CTO
Nearshore & Global
timezone coverage.
Proven Experience
Cost-Effective Rates

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