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FlugelFlow Methodology

During our 20+ years of experience migrating, automate, managing, and optimizing cloud infrastructures, we have refined and structured our processes to ensure efficient and effective implementations.

The FlugelFlow™
deployment methodology

combines three key
components to deliver
reliable and fast solutions
to our clients:
Pre-Built Architectures:

Our extensive library of customizable automation code is expanded and improved with every implementation. They expedite deployment, are easily customizable to specific company needs, and rapidly transfer our architecture best practices to our clients. And once deployed, you own them.

Agile Deployment Procedures:

We have many implementations under our belt with all types of companies at different stages of their cloud journey. Based on Agile methodologies, these well-tested deployment best practices are structured into a framework of procedures that ensure a smooth implementation process for your DevOps team.

Business Savvy:

Our years of experience have taught us a lot. Not only about cloud infrastructure but also about how successful DevOps teams work. And we are always looking for opportunities to apply this knowledge to help our clients make decisions that benefit them the most.