Hire skilled cloud experts
Committed to exceptional service. No exceptions

Rely on Flugel.it for Staff Augmentation

Hire flexible nearshore resources with cloud automation infrastructure skills and U.S.-quality
engineering expertise.
Distributed team can cover all time zones in the US and most time zones in the ROW.
Invested in our clients success, Fluget.it staff are monitored by our team of senior experts who guide their decisions and task execution.
Integrate skilled resourced immediately into your existing DevOps infrastructure team or development team.
Fluget.it already has the management infrastructure in place to work remotely –
accountability, communication
Our Staff:

Experts in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform, CI/CD, Log Centralization, Linux, Jenkins, Docker, Python, Ruby, Cheff, Saltstack, Puppet, Ansible, gruntwork.io

Certifications include: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes

Proficient in English, with strong communications skills, and experience working remotely.

Experienced working with a broad range of collaboration and management tools to seamlessly integrate with your team.

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