About Us
Cloud Strategists
Exceptional Service. No Exceptions.


Our Mission

We provide Cloud, Infrastructure, Security & Compliance solutions to our clients.

We are continuously building strong expertise in Cloud Technologies and DevOps methodologies. We want to share that expertise with our clients.

Our clients must be focused on running their business and life, not their infrastructure. They take care of their application, features, etc, and we take care of everything else. They sleep at night because we take care of the foundation of their company.


Who we are

Hardware and software development and DevOps teams in startup to mid-sized companies rely on our cloud expertise. Whether cloud bound or in need of optimization, cloud services are core to our clients’ business.


Our Values

Collaborate. With team members, our clients, and the community:
This is probably self-explanatory, but we are team players, not only internally at Flugel, but also with our clients and the community.
Commitment to service, quality, and continuous improvement.
We are here to provide quality service, quality code, and quality infrastructure to our clients. We are very proactive, and we are always looking for improvement.
Love challenges, learning, and growth
We are here because we love to solve problems with technology. It’s the reason we started the company, and we know that’s the reason you are here. Always keep learning, safely experiment and explore. Learning is a never-ending activity, and it’s key for personal development and company development as a whole.
“Treat others the way you want to be treated” or “Treat others the way they want to be treated”.
They are the two sides of the same coin. Respect, openness, equality, it doesn’t matter if you are a founder or if you joined the company yesterday.
Think outside the box, look beyond your horizon.
We are creative problem-solvers, the hacking term is very valuable when you apply it correctly. It doesn’t mean you must break the rules, it’s about understanding the goals, the risks, communicating them, and applying the best available solutions. We always say in our sales calls “we do not close tickets”. I mean, yes, we do close tickets, but that’s not our main goal, it’s just a communication method. Our main goal is to solve problems, business problems. Everything we do in tech must be related to business goals.


Our Skills

Experts in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform, CI/CD, Log Centralization, Linux, Jenkins, Docker, Python, Ruby, Cheff, Saltstack, Puppet, Ansible, gruntwork.io
Certifications include: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes
Proficient in English, with strong communications skills, and experience working remotely.
Experienced working with a broad range of collaboration and management tools to seamlessly integrate with your team.
Our Core Team
Diego Woitasen
Mario Vasquez
Nazareno Tomaselli
Ximena Tarazona
HR Lead
Francisco Cruz
VP of Security & Compliance
Federico Sinisi
Senior Cloud Engineer
Gabriel Gusmaroli
Delivery Manager
Anton Yuskov
Senior Cloud Engineer
Stanislav Serebrennikov
Cloud Architect
Manuel Cabrera
Delivery Manager