Why to join?


Who we are?

Flugel.it is formed by a group of like-minded people passionate about technology but even more passionate about helping other companies to achieve their goals, all these while creating the best working environment we can.


What’s our mission?

As a company we’re committed to help companies to achieve their business goals without having to worry about their infrastructure, to achieve that we leverage bleeding-edge cloud technologies.


A team of like-minded

Why to hide it?, we’re passionate geeks, we love what we do and we’re awesome at it.


Will we help you to

Big yes!, as a company we’re in constant growth, and as the opportunities appear we look inside first, therefore we re-invest as much as we can in our Team.


Career path

In place we have a career path program to help guide the efforts we all do to improve, both we as a company and our Team Members, we always look for aligned objectives between Flugel.it and our Team Members.


No-BS performance

Sadly, we see way too often that a lot of companies design their performance reviews in such a way, that’s very easy for them to give BS reasons to not improve conditions for people working there. We’re not like that, we respect you and our performance review process it’s transparent and honest.



We were born and still are a distributed company, therefore we don’t have centralized offices where to put, what’s usually advertised as great perks. Our best perk is the amazing people from all over the world you’ll know inside Flugel.it, awesome professional with high levels of knowledge to learn from, plus the respect we embrace and encourage between our team members. Besides that, you can count with the best salary we can afford to pay you, so you can get the rest of perks you want with your own money :-).


Be excellent to each other

There’s no exception for this, this includes everyone, Founders, Team Members and Clients. When we founded the company we had something clear: “we will treat people as we liked to have been treated as workers ourselves”, that stands and we’re very proud to be able to maintain it, to this day. If anyone behaves in such a way that’s not being excellent to each other, we would try to fix that, if that does not change, does not matter who that is, Flugel.it won’t be interested in working with that person or organization, even if that means we have to resign economic profit. For us, respect always comes first.

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